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Ugliest Woman in the World, The

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Directed by: Miguel Bardem

Country: Spain, 1999


Running Time: 104 minutes + Extras


Other Titles: La mujer más fea del mundo



She only wanted to be loved!


Somebody has decided to celebrate New Year's Eve 2011 in a very twisted way - by dressing as a nun and brutally dismembering a little old lady. Lt. Arribas, a bald, toothless, one-eyed and lonely detective is called in on the case. His investigations lead him to the door of renegade Doctor Werner, who tells him the strange story of "The Beautiful Otero" the most beautiful woman in the world (former Spanish model Galera) who, before Werner s miraculous surgery, was the ugliest woman in the world! But Lt. Arribas now has a new problem - he is falling in love at a distance with his principle suspect who, because of her traumatic childhood, is planning her vengeance - to sabotage the Miss Spain Beauty Pageant, leaving behind her a trail of dead beauty queens. A super-slick science fiction thriller with a dark and bizarre finale.


It successfully rams together Blade Runner style sci-fi noir with horror and sex comedy slapstick

- Twitch Film


Thank God for these Spaniards for giving us something so fresh, new and original. It left me pretty gobsmacked, folks.

- Eat My Brains


Thoroughly enjoyable, wickedly comic and unashamedly Spanish

– M.J. Simpson



Special Features:

  • 1.85:1 Widescreen Presentation Enhanced for 16x9 TVs
  • Making Of documentary
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • TV Spots
  • Stills Gallery



Elia Galera, Roberto Álvarez, Javivi, Héctor Alterio, Alberto San Juan, Enrique Villén, Guillermo Toledo, David Pinilla, Pablo Pinedo, Saturnino García, Carlos Lucas, Penélope Velasco, Ramón Barea, Lourdes Bartolomé, Alicia Agut, Luis Ciges, María Isbert, Mª Ángeles Acevedo [Mari Ángeles Acevedo] Anabel Alonso, Eloi Yebra, Fernando Ramallo, Chema Hermoso, Manuel Morón, Manuel Manquiña, Paco Maestre [Francisco Maestre], Javier Gurruchaga, Inma del Moral Santiago Lajusticia, Marina Lozano, Santiago Segura.